Notice about changes in my online resources …

changes-comingJust giving my various followers a heads up … over the next couple of months, I’m going to be consolidating my online presence.

Right now with being a full-time Grad student, I feel like I’m spreading myself way too thin. Too many blogs that I can’t keep up with. Too many Facebook pages that I don’t post to very often. I’m going to eventually be moving much — if not most — of my information to my A Frugal Simple Life blog/website and related content.

When I began with my first small webpage in the mid-1990’s (yes, I’ve been around a long time), my very first website/discussion group way back when was called A Frugal Simple Life. I’m guess I’m going back to basics in a lot of areas of my life.

So, if you want to keep in touch with me in the future, here are the various means to do so:

You can sign up to follow my A Frugal Simple Life website by email, and Simple Times has an email sign up form, as well.

Hope to see you around!  :)


Contest for one of my recently re-released books

41rIlTMZdiLThroughout the month of June 2015, to celebrate the beginning of summer, I’ll be running a series of giveaway contests.  During the last week of June, there will be a Grand Prize so you’ll want to stay tuned.  :)

The first book to be given away will be an autographed paperback edition of my newly re-released book  The Original Simple Mom’s Ideas Book: Hints and Hacks for Home and Family.

All you need to do in order to enter the contest is submit Your Favorite Frugal Tip in the comment section of the following blog post:

And if you didn’t know I’d started a small publishing venture, here’s a quick history of what’s up:


My New Motto to Live By

My new motto to live by (long story).  Thanks to Susie at The Busy Woman for making the meme for me!

Special Mother’s Day eBook Give-Away!

  • UPDATE: The special Mother’s Day ebook give-away has ended, but there are reduced prices on several of the titles.

The ebook versions of three (3!) of my recently released (or re-released) books are FREE this week!  Tell your friends! :)   And if you don’t have a Kindle, no worries … you can download a free Kindle reading app for your computer, tablet, or smart phone!

41rIlTMZdiLThe Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book

Hints and hacks for home and family.  The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book contains tips and suggestions for everything from cooking, saving money, celebrating the holidays, and just generally raising a family. If you’ve been looking for some simple ideas for life and homemaking … from someone who’s been around the block more than once or twice … look no further. Have no fear, the Original Simple Mom is here!

BookCoverImageMix-n-Match Recipes

Creative ideas for today’s busy kitchens.  Do you remember that old children’s story, Stone Soup? Everyone came along and threw a little of this and a little of that into the pot with the stone, and before their eyes, the first unofficial Mix and Match soup was born! And remember how much they all loved it? Contributing something to the finished product goes a long way toward increasing a child’s enjoyment of their meal.

Just think of Mix-n-Match cooking as an art form all its own. This book will give you the general guidelines and starting points—you take it from there and see what tasty concoctions your kitchen has hiding in the dark recesses of its shelves and drawers. To get started using this book, you won’t need to run out to the store to stock up on hard to find ingredients. Just pick from what you already have on hand.  Save time, save money, and save your sanity!

51BlGAcUHnLA Twaddle-Free Education

An introduction to Charlotte Mason’s timeless educational ideas.  Are you disappointed with dumbed-down reading material (“twaddle”) written for children? Do you wish for your children to feast their hearts and minds on noble ideas, fine art, and great literature? Are you hoping your children gain an appreciation of nature and a deep understanding of natural sciences? Most importantly, do you want your children to develop a lifetime love of learning? If you answered “yes,” you may discover a Charlotte Mason-inspired twaddle-free education is just what you’ve been looking for. In the mid-1990’s, I set up one of the first Charlotte Mason homeschooling websites and edited The Charlotte Mason Monthly ezine. I currently edit The Charlotte Mason eMagazine.

Hurry!  These special Mother’s Day offers are only good through Thursday, May 14th.  After that the ebooks return to their regular price of $2.99.  Feel free to pass this information onto your friends.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Announcing: The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book — available today!

41rIlTMZdiLI’m excited to announce that my book, The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book: Hints and Hacks for Home and Family, was just released. (This book was first released in 2007 as The Simple Mom’s Idea Book, but I revised the title to avoid confusion).

If you missed getting your copy the first time around, I’m pleased to tell you that it’s available once again!

You can order the new edition online from at:

Soon available in digital Kindle format, too!

Contents Include:

Homemaking Ideas

  • Simplifying Phone Calls
  • Saving on Home Heating Costs
  • Keeping Your Summer Organized
  • Simplifying Party Planning

Seasonal Ideas

  • Valentine’s Day on a Shoestring
  • Frugal Easter Basket Ideas
  • Teacher Appreciation Ideas
  • Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Family Ideas

  • Friendship Bags
  • Family Entertainment on a Budget
  • Frugal Family Field Trip Ideas
  • 200+ Summertime Fun Ideas for Kids

Kitchen & Cooking Ideas

  • Emergency Cooking Substitutions
  • Vegetable “Hide-and-Sneak”
  • Building a Better Burger
  • Healthy and Inexpensive Meat Substitute
  • Beating the Breakfast Rush Hour
  • The Joys of Crockery Cooking

Healthy Ideas

  • Setting Simple Exercise Goals
  • Avoiding Mosquito Bites
  • “Shoo Fly!  Don’t Bother Me!”
  • Striving for Balance … One Habit at a Time

Grocery Savings Ideas

  • Using Up Leftovers
  • Crisis Meal Planning
  • Low-Budget Meal Planning
  • Winning the Grocery Game
  • Simple Ways to Save on Groceries
  • Super Simple, Super Cheap Recipes


While starting life as a new wife and then mom to three children, Deborah Taylor-Hough always wished for a personal mentor.  Someone who could take her under their wing and show her the ropes of being a stay-at-home mom, live on a single income, survive in a tough economy, educate her three lively kids, and raise children who grew to be successful adults with character and integrity.  Deborah’s own mother had experienced several strokes which left her unavailable to offer generational family advice.

Well, that mentor Debi had hoped and prayed for never appeared.

Not to be deterred, Debi kept plugging away.  She also kept notes as she went about her day-to-day life, convinced that someday she may have opportunity to be that mentor she’d always longed for in her own life; a friendly guiding hand for someone else just starting out a similar life path.  Following her husband’s diagnosis with a rare degenerative brain disorder, she also learned firsthand about the special challenges of single parenting.

Now that all three of her children are grown, Debi’s beginning to see the fruit of her labors over the years; a loving family with kiddos who truly have grown into wonderful young adults.  And she even learned a thing or two about cooking and cleaning along the way.

The Original Simple Mom’s Idea Book contains tips and suggestions for everything from cooking, saving money, celebrating the holidays, and just generally raising a family.

So if you’ve been looking for some simple ideas for life and homemaking … from someone who’s been around the block more than once or twice … look no further.

Have no fear, the Original Simple Mom is here!