Spring Cleaning – One Day at a Time

Rather than doing an all-out cleaning fest, I’m going to use my Project-a-Day format. Essentially tackle one seasonal cleaning chore per day for a couple of weeks. Anyone want to join me?  Today’s the first day. Who’s in? :-)


  • Clean light fixtures, sconces. and ceiling fans (don’t worry about table and floor lamps yet). Check for burned out light bulbs and replace, as needed.

Make sure you turn off the light fixtures before dusting/cleaning them. A soft lint-free cloth dipped in warm vinegar works well for cleaning. You can also hand wash any glass parts that can be easily removed in a sink full of warm water and gentle hand dishwashing liquid using a soft cloth (no scrubbies). Resist the urge to put the glass fixtures in the dishwasher — automatic dishwashing detergent can scratch glass light fixtures.

For more details about cleaning light fixtures, I found a helpful article HERE.

Clean/dust your ceiling fans by using a pillowcase (flannel pillowcases are perfect for this). Place an inside-out pillowcase over the fan blade so the fan blade is completely inside it, then wipe the dust right off and into the pillowcase. Repeat for all fan blades, then toss the pillowcase in the wash. By putting the pillowcase inside-out, it keeps the dust from getting caught in the pillowcase seams. Be sure to put it right-side-out again when washing (you could even give it a good shake outside before putting in the wash if you want to remove excess dust prior to washing).

UPDATE:  My son was watching me wiping the kitchen ceiling fan and before I knew it, he’d taken over doing the rest of the fans in the house! Hooray for awesome cleaning tricks that even get the non-cleaners amongst us interested in doing something! :-)

Click HERE for the next Spring  Cleaning Project-of-the-Day!

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