Cleaning windows, windowsills and skylights

Spring Cleaning – Day Ten

Today I was going to vacuum under furniture, but when I went to the store last night, they didn’t have the size vacuum belt I needed.  So once again I have to put off the vacuuming marathon.

Note to Self:  Always keep spare vacuum belts at the house!  ;-)

Because it’s an absolutely beautiful spring day here in the Seattle area, I decided today’s Spring Cleaning Project-of-the-Day will be cleaning my windows and skylights (I may need to send my son up on the roof to clean the skylights tomorrow since he won’t be home today and I’m not about to climb on the roof myself).  ;-)

I’m also going to get out an old toothbrush and scrub the edges of the windowsills where they meet the windows.  There always seems to be an accumulation of “ick” that develops there over the winter.  I found a few helpful tips on the Readers Digest website about cleaning windows.

Time to let the sunshine in my house through clean windows!  :-)

WARNING:  If you’re cleaning your windows with a product containing ammonia and planning on cleaning your windowsills with bleach, do the jobs separately!  Bleach and ammonia combine into a deadly fume so you don’t want to risk having the two mix at all.  Or just do what I do and use straight white vinegar for everything.  :-)

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