Debi’s “Cooking for Allergic Folks” Boot Camp


The only things in this grocery bag our family could eat safely are the bananas and celery.

Over the past couple of years as my family has been diagnosed with things like Celiac disease (no gluten products) and multiple food allergies, our eating habits have had to change.  Drastically.

In many ways, I feel like I’m starting over in the cooking department since many (actually most) of our traditional family recipes are things everyone can’t eat.  My oldest daughter is getting married soon, so she and I have been essentially doing a “food we can all eat” boot camp, coming up with recipes she and her hubby-t0-be can both eat (he has diabetes and she has Celiac plus the longest list of food allergies I’ve ever seen).  Feel free to visit her blog, The Crunchy Cook, and say hi.

I’m going to start posting some of our new favorite recipes and cooking tips in case anyone else out there has any food allergies or eating issues like we do.  First up, the yummiest roast chicken recipe ever.  Stay tuned.  :-)


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