“Pink Bunnies”:  Children and Decluttering

While talking to my oldest daughter several years ago, we discussed the need for decluttering her bedroom. Here’s the simple, practical and fun way we discovered to make a difficult process a lot easier.


The Ten Minute Tidy

One of the most helpful and simplest things my children and I do to maintain our home is something we’ve dubbed the “Ten Minute Tidy”.


Pilers, Filers and Messies:  Home Organization Ideas

I asked my friend, Karen, one day: “So, how do Pilers organize their things? I can’t live with all this clutter anymore; Mount Fold-Me in the laundry room is about to suffer a major landslide; and the paper piles are over-running every room! Help!”


No Garden Space?  Try a Washtub Salad Garden 

Container gardening works wonders in small spaces. I usually think of flowers growing in containers, but vegetables work great in containers too.


Garage Sale How-To’s

Last year I held a four day Garage Sale that was successful beyond my wildest dreams. I thought I’d share some of the ideas I used during my sale last year in case anyone else is thinking about holding a Garage Sale or Yard Sale now that Spring Cleaning and Summer weather is well underway.


Simplifying Party Planning

Hosting a party doesn’t need to be an event just for holidays. Most people already have full calendars around major holidays, but are actually grateful for an invitation to a special gathering at an otherwise quiet time of year.

2 responses to “HOME

  1. I came across your site after reading your “Meatball Mania” article in the “Creative Homemaking” newsletter. I really enjoyed it. You have a nice site.

    Thank you,
    Out of the Nest & Beyond


  2. I really love your style. You’re breaking the mold wherein simple means inelegant or cheap (gosh I hate that). It really means creative, resourceful and authentic. This is great encouragement.



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